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Music MEME!

akashasheiress gave me 'F'!

F**K! Difficult one.

"Finland" by Monty Python. It's quite obvious why I like this one...
"Flaming Telepaths" by Blue Öyster Cult. The fantasy theme in this song is so sad. "I'm after rebellion, I'll settle for lies..."
"First Of The Gang To Die" by Morrisey  "He stole all hearts away." I used this when I made a vid of my puppydog. It reminds me of her always...
"Freedom Child" by Havana Black "Freedom child, stay wild" Reminds me of the 80's, when I was still kid. Happy days, happy days...
"Fade to Black" by Apocalyptica. Just plain good music!
"Friends" by Led Zeppelin" Classic
"For A Few Dollars More" by Ennio Morricone. That man is genious. Best movie music ever composed.
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